In recent years, along with the promotion, conservation and active protection of cultural heritage, the topic of accessibility with regard to cultural attractions has become of primary importance, with the aim – in line with national and international recommendations and regulations – of ensuring the concrete implementation of measures to guarantee the right of “access for all”.

In this regard, the Archaeological and Landscape Park of the Valley of the Temples – in collaboration with Società Cooperativa Culture – aims to provide a cultural experience to visitors with different disabilities, special needs and sensory impairments, enabling everyone – both with and without disabilities – to enjoy the archaeological site to the full thanks to the adoption of solutions accessible to most users.
The park is equipped with structural, educational and informative supports to remove physical barriers or sensory or communication difficulties to enable all visitors to fully understand and enjoy their visit, with a constant focus on the continuous implementation of appropriate solutions.

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Information for visitors with special needs and accessibility tools at the Archaeological and Landscape Park of the Valley of the Temples

  • For deaf or hearing-impaired visitors, monitors positioned at the main entrances to the Temple of Hera Lacinia (Juno) and Porta V introduce the main attractions and points of interest in the area while two general site maps indicate panels located along the route with QR codes to activate videos in sign language.
  • For blind or visually-impaired visitors, at the entrance to the Temple of Hera Lacinia (Juno) there is a large general site map featuring explanations in Braille and indicating the location of other Braille panels at the main points of interest.
  • For visitors with reduced mobility, at the main entrances to the Temple of Hera Lacinia (Juno) and Porta V, two general site maps demonstrate the routes with disabled access and indicate levels of difficulty. These innovations provide access to 85% of the archaeological site. Visitors with disabilities and their companions may use the shuttle service in the park free of charge. In order to make the Park “accessible for all”, the Valley of the Temples provides a free rental service of electric wheelchairs for people with motor disabilities. Please read the annexed Regulation.

Free rental of electric wheelchairs

  • For visitors with special dietary requirements, the café-restaurant located in the middle of Via Sacra by the Temple of Concordia offers a range of gluten-free products.
  • For Italian and international visitors, the audioguide service with accompanying map available at the ticket offices at the Temple of Hera Lacinia (Juno) and Porta V offers an alternative experience of the site, with simple and comprehensive explanations of the main points of interest available in a number of languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish and German).
  • For visitors with special needs, guided tours of the Valley are available by reservation.