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  • Underground itineraries

A special tour given by archaeologists to explore the Paleochristian relics hidden in the shadows of the impressive temples of Greek gods. A fascinating tour that travels above and below ground, exploring tombs, places of worship, esoteric relics and the inaccessible catacombs of the early Akragantine Christians.

Itinerary: Meeting point Via Sacra, entrance of Villa Aurea

  • Visit to the Valley of the Temples

A journey through art, history, legend and archaeology: a unique experience that catapults the visitor into an ancient and lost world dating back 2600 years, exploring enchanting ruins of the great buildings that once served as the majestic and imposing temples of Greek gods. Thousands of years of history, mythology and legend are brought together in a parallel dimension to evoke a true experience of the ancient world.

Itinerary:  Temple of Hera Lacinia (Juno) and fortifications / Temple of Concordia / Temple of Heracles / Temple of Olympian Zeus and view of the western sanctuaries.

Visit available for purchase by phoning +39 0922 1839996 or at the ticket office on the day until 15 minutes before the start of the visit, subject to availability.


Audioguides can be rented at the ticket offices of the Valley of the Temples and offer visitors the opportunity to explore the Park independently thanks to simple and comprehensive explanations of the most important attractions of the site.

The audioguide is available in: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese.

Cost: € 5.00
A personal document must be left as a deposit (identity card or driving licence)
Collection and drop-off at the counter


“Costruire per gli dèi” is an exhibition, conceived and created to involve the public of all ages, which aims to introduce young and old the techniques and the processes used by the ancients in order to erect perfect architectures, such as the majestic temples of Agrigento, designed to last over 2500 years. 

Ancient cranes 1:1 faithfully reconstructed, machines used to transport the stones, the columns and the scaffoldings to construct the site, displayed along the main route of the Archaeological Park, aim to induce the visitors of all ages to meditate on the past and the present of these places.

The exhibition is accessible to children too, through drawings and brief explanations in Italian and English positioned at their height. 

Designed for children – but not only – is the publication linked to the exhibition curated by Alessandro Carlino and produced by MondoMostre. The book is available in Italian and English in the bookshops of the Archaeological Park from 30 July 2020. You can read an extract of the book through the link below.