The Archaeological Museum of Palazzo Panitteri displays the results of the archaeological surveys conducted in Monte Adranone by the Soprintendenza of Agrigento. The itinerary includes two sections dedicated, on one hand, to residential contexts and cultural and public areas and, on other hand, to the Necropolis. After the introductory room, in room 1 materials coming from the tests carried out along the fortification walls and those found in the summit plateau, or “Acropolis”, are exhibited. In rooms 2, 3 and 4, finds from the town, public areas and religious buildings are displayed: they recount some important aspects of daily life on the site. Some other interesting artifacts belonging to the handicraft complex of the Farm and of the Sanctuary dedicated to the Chthonic Divinities are exhibited in room 5, while room 6 is dedicated to the architectural elements brought to light on the site. The right wing of the museum complex is instead assigned for the Necropolis, with furnishings dating back to the 6th and 5th centuries B.C. (rooms 7-8) and to the 4th/3rd centuries B.C. (room 9). Among the finds on display, the embossed bronze belts found in a public building of the city are of considerable importance: they were probably votive gifts from soldiers.