The management of the Park of the Valley of the Temples (Services) is structured into sub-departments known as Operating Units. The Services department is the general management unit and handles functional and operating activities covering a broad sphere of skills and objectives, while the Operating Units carry out more specific and permanent roles in their field of competence according to an approach characterised by independence, expertise, professionalism and rational management.

Employee Structure

Management Office
Giuseppe Carmelo Parello

O.U. 01 General affairs and HR

O.U. 02 Planning
Maria Concetta Mangiapane

O.U. 03 Legal affairs, litigation and accounts
Giuseppa Sepe

O.U. 04 Promotion and scientific research

O.U. 05 Landscape heritage
Roberto Sciarratta

O.U. 06 Preservation and restoration of archaeological heritage
Carmelo Bennardo

P.R. Public Relations Office
Antonio Infantino  | P +39 0922/621657 | Fax +39 0922 26438
Open on Tuesday from 9.00 to 13.00, on  Wednesday from 16.00 to 18.00