The Diodoros project was created by a public and private sector partnership to enhance and promote the artistic, cultural, natural and agricultural heritage of the 1300 hectares of the Archaeological and Landscape Park of the Valley of the Temples. The protection and valorisation of the various species of olive, pistachio, almond and other traditional varieties of fruit tree are the result of research, technological innovation and the marketing of the Park’s produce, trademarked in 2005 under the Diodoros brand. The brand is a tribute to Diodorus Siculus, the Greek historian from Agyrion (now Agira in Sicily) and author of the monumental universal history Bibliotheca Historica.

Thanks to partnerships with top quality regional companies, the Park has successfully revived traditional, high-quality products and triggered significant interest in the media and among the local population about the rediscovery of traditional production methods, an effective way of promoting culture and awareness of our roots.

Diodoros – the Wine of the Valley” is created using the grapes cultivated in the plains below the Temple of Hera Lacinia (Juno), a highly intriguing viticultural product created by the natural selection technique employed by the Valley’s winemakers over the years.

Diodoros – the Oil of the Valley” is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from the ancient olive trees that adorn the enchanting Valley of the Temples of Agrigento between the Temple of Hera Lacinia (Juno), the Temple of Concordia and the ruins of ancient Akragas. The oil is obtained through a simple process of pressing traditional Sicilian olives, harvested green and pressed just a few hours later to ensure quality, fragrance and a delicate and balanced flavour.

These products, the Park’s jewel in the crown, are steadily being supplemented with honey and capers produced under the Diodoros brand, as well as the sale of shelled and unshelled almonds used to make traditional Sicilian desserts and marzipan.