Following an existing path and enhanced with tufa stone paving, the trail delves into the agricultural and natural landscape of the Park of the Valley of the Temples and offers an exploration of the immense natural heritage of the Valley on foot or by bicycle.
Beginning at the Temple of Vulcan, the route explores the Kolymbethra Garden, the majesty of the great trees, the evocative abundance of wild vegetation and the ruins of the Temple of Olympian Zeus.
It is also possible to admire the exoticism of the “English” garden of Villa Aurea, the cultivated landscape of Casa Barbadoro and the shapes and colours of the Mediterranean maquis against the calcarenite limestone walls which lead to the Temple of Concordia where, in the area behind the ancient Greek temple, stand two great olive trees of extraordinary beauty.
The trail continues along the ancient route of the “Roman cardo”, the north-south road, venturing into the “Almond and Olive Grove” to reach the entrance to Casa San Filippo, now the head offices of the Archaeological and Landscape Park of the Valley of the Temples, taking a route that leads to a majestic carob tree and one of the most beautiful and evocative views of the Valley of the Temples.
The trail ends at Casa Morello, with a panoramic view over the reforested areas of pines and eucalyptuses and the cape atop of which stands the Temple of Demeter, whose ruins now form part of the medieval church of Saint Blaise.