The project “The Children’s Valley of Temples” aims to explore and teach ancient history and archaeology through education. The Children’s Valley of the Temples works actively to promote the archaeological, naturalistic and historic heritage of the Park among children between the ages of 4 and 12 accompanied by an adult, families with children and primary and first grade secondary school students. Teaching is delivered through play, discovery and experimentation with visits, talks, workshops and a varied programme of dedicated activities. All of the initiatives are free and take place within the Park, covering numerous research topics ranging from the general to the specific, from mythology to history, from archaeology to numismatics, focusing particularly on the region of the ancient city of Akragas/Agrigentum and the Mediterranean region in the Greek, Roman and Early Medieval periods.

Other educational services include the “School-Work Programmes” for second grade secondary students and the refresher courses for teachers at schools of all levels, aimed at establishing partnerships – in whatever shape or form possible – to promote research and educational experiences with a view to kick-starting an important type of educational tourism.

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